Letter to the editor: Send a message to Hartford

Time to send Hartford a message

To the editor:

I’m pleased to announce that the Petition in the Park held in July has helped me secure a spot in this upcoming election for the 22nd District house seat. I can’t say thank you enough to those that signed the petition, and shared their views. The cross section of residents that signed the petition was vast and fills me with confidence that the 22nd District can send the message to Hartford, that government should run in a more efficient, responsible manner.

It has been made very clear the mountain I chose to climb is one most wouldn’t challenge. The relationships my two opponents have with the community span back before I was even born. I’m just hoping that the community involvement I’ve had the last seven years, through coaching soccer and basketball, will at least give me a foot in the door to have my ideas heard.

To have any chance of winning this November, three things must happen. 1. People must drop their blind party line support. 2. Republican supporters must realize that they can’t overcome the 3,000-vote deficit that has historically separated the two parties. 3. The voters must separate the nine-term representative’s voting record from the great community person she has proven to be, and I hope to carry on should I be given the opportunity.

This November you’ll have a simple choice: Keep things the same in hopes of a different outcome, or send a message to the rest of the leaders in Hartford to get their act together for the future of this state or they’ll find themselves out of office.

Visit to see when I’ll be in your neighborhood and where you’ll be able to find me over the next few months, along with articles presenting my views on the issues.

Rick Broderick II


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