Unresolved issues

To the editor:

After attending a number of citizens forums, held before the Town Council begins its official meeting, there seems to be several issues that are never resolved.

Issue No. 1: Should the Citizens Forum be televised. Issue No. 2: Should Plainville revise its farming regulations to allow a small flock of chickens on a lot smaller than two acres.

Issue No. 3: Snow removal. Mother Nature has solved that problem until next winter, at least.

The conditions of our streets. Again, a problem of a severe winter that should be addressed in due time.

Blight. Both commercial and residential. This requires attention from the powers that be.

Back to issue 1. I believe that it should be televised. Citizens come out and speak. For those that do not want to be televised or who are unable to attend meetings, they may write a letter to be read for the record.

Back to issue 2. Surrounding towns allow family chickens on much smaller lots than two acres. One solution may be to license them as we do dogs. Their care and well being can be monitored, and it will provide a small revenue to the town.

Recently, the mayor of Bridgeport proposed allowing up to six hens, even in apartments, with the permission of the landlord and other tenants. West Hartford is also looking into this option.

Other cities already allow hens.

What is Plainville waiting for?

I remember not too long ago that budget questions were yes or no with no regard to what the negative vote meant to the voter. That has been remedied by the question: too high or too low?

Perhaps the Town Council, Town Manager and others should consider putting these and future questions on a ballot. Let the voters decide.

Now that is true democracy.

Carmine Lalama


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