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Kitching receives high praise, raise

The Plainville Board of Education met in March 2014 to begin the evaluation process of the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jeffrey Kitching. This process included reviewing the superintendent’s self~evaluation, discussing his performance, and establishing a few goals for the next school year, 2014~2015.

The board used a performance evaluation tool focusing on three general areas: Leadership standards, growth and advancements related to board goals and the ability to lead the district toward meeting the board’s mission and goals established through the strategic plan.

Highlights include:

- Kitching continues to use his “vision diagram” for the Plainville Community Schools that keeps the focus on students, teaching and learning.

- His increased use of the three “R’s” in the budget process has enabled our district to increase technology, expand the current Pre-K program and hire a new K-5 Curriculum Coordinator.

- His strong leadership has allowed for continuous improvement while aligning with the board’s goals and vision.

- He has worked with the Town Manager to reorganize the Human Resources and payroll departments.

- He maintains accessibility to the schools, board and community through various forms of communication like website videos, oral presentations and the Superintendent’s Information Showcase.

- He continues to have an exceptional working relationship with school administration and town staff.

The board then established a few goals for the school year 2014-2015 that will keep the district moving in a positive direction:

- Continue to manage the district’s technology replacement plan including the rollout of the Chrome books for grades six and seven at MSP.

- Work with the Town Manager on the possible merging of the school’s facilities Department with the Town’s Building and Grounds Department.

- Oversee the Pre-K expansion and update the board on the progress of the program.

- Continue utilizing the three R’s (reinvest, re-prioritize and reallocate) in the board’s budget process.

During the past year the Board has been happy and pleased with Kitching’s continued focus on students, teaching and learning. Kitching has shown great initiative in working with the board, town and community to achieve the goals set forth for the Plainville Community Schools. The Board of Education has extended his contract and offered a 2.35 percent increase for the 2014-15 school year.

--From the Plainville Board of Education

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