Helping pets in need find families

Sue Bronsard was one of the many folks at the pet adoption event put on by the Friends of Berlin Animal Control (FOBAC) held at Petsmart in Plainville Aug. 24. Bronsard said she was saddened when her Maine Coon cat of 16 years died Aug. 22, but she knew she wanted to adopt another.

“I have never not had a cat,” Bronsard said.

Stacey Beaupre, who works at an animal hospital in Berlin, said she knew the perfect cat for Bronsard, a cat that she had personally brought in for FOBAC.

This cat is a gray dam whom Bronsard has not yet named, though Bronsard said she was considering calling her “Ghost.” Ghost was kittening when she was rescued as a stray by Beaupre. Bronsard said she was looking for a cat who would be good with children, and Ghost was a great match.

When she learned Ghost would be at the adoption event, Bronsard rushed over to sign adoption papers after getting acquainted, along with her son, Seth.

“I think it’s great,” said attendee Janet Rocco, who said she prefers to adopt shelter pets who are in need of a good home.

“I believe in saving an animal that might be put down, as opposed to getting one bred in a mill,” agreed Melissa Tole.

According to FOBAC member Concetta Berardozzi, the turnout for the event was very good, though “not our busiest.”

FOBAC is a no-kill non-profit dedicated to partnering with the Berlin municipal animal shelter to provide homes for animals. Although the group doesn’t have a physical shelter, it runs a foster home program and adoption events. Also, FOBAC’s veterinarian regularly visits the municipal animal shelter.

According to FOBAC President Lynn Frigault, the shelter is currently seeking donations to help it stock the pet food pantry, which helps families in need care for their pets. Items needed include both dry and canned cat and dog food, treats, chew bones, dog leashes, cat and dog toys, and cat beds. The nonprofit organization also needs a few more specific items, including Purine One cat food for cats with urinary tract problems and Purina One cat food for kittens, as well as Feliaway spray or defuser.

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